About Nellie Ming Lee

My parents are both chefs and had their own restaurants, so I grew up in a very 'foodie' oriented home. How did I get my interest in wine? I remember being offered a taste (okay, I really wanted to know what they were drinking which I wasn't allowed to have) of two white wines… I was so surprised that something that looked the same could be so different. In 1997, the opportunity came for me to come to Asia and Hong Kong now feels like home. Food is such an integral part of life that I think it is ours to enjoy and share. And wine? The best sound in life to me is when the cork comes out of the bottle… it's like opening a present because you don't know what to expect and you know there will be something that you like in it. These days, I am studying with the Court of Master Sommeliers, writing for the SCMP (my column is ‘The Corkscrew’, which appears in the Sunday Post), a food stylist (Sunday Post again) and a part-time sommelier (aka wine slave). Nellie Ming Lee can be reached at: or by twitter: mswinesomm